About the Book

In the not too distant future, the introduction of Little Battlers (LBX) have taken the world by storm. Advances in robot technology have allowed children to build and customized their very own pocket-sized robots and often compete against one another for fun inside high-tech arenas. But these are not merely toys. In the wrong hands, these tiny machines have enough power to alter the world.

Welcome to the world of Little Battlers Experience!

"The World of LBX" is a hardbound, full-color book with over 80 pages of extensive character bios and detailed images and descriptions of the various LBX robots that inhabit the 1st season of the show. Working directly with the US show producers, "The World of LBX" book is not to be missed by fans of the animated series.

Format: Hardcover, 8.8" x 10", 80 pages

Price (US): $25.00, ISBN 978-0-9785429-5-5

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